About Motor Aces

Motor Aces is a project run by the History Tellers 


Fast cars fabulous stories!


Motor Aces perform shows based on the world of Historic Motor Sport. They use tales of danger and excitement to entertain crowds across the country at a range of events and venues.


The amazing stories are told using funny scripts, fantastic costumes and life size replica racing cars all of which have been created specifically by the Motor Aces team. Tales from the earliest days of racing, through war heroes and their race track exploits, right up to Formula One's recent past.


"We aim to tell interesting historical tales, and also talk about the science and technology involved in over 100 years of motor racing".


The stories we chose and the cars we have made are important stages in Motor Sport history. Whether the audience are life long fanatics, or new to motor racing, our stories can entertain and inspire and hopefully engage everyone at some level.


Stephen "Abs" Wisdom

Abs has been building and performing Heritage shows for 25+ Years. His background in Art and the world of Film and TV allows him to create amazing large projects such as the cars in the Motor Aces shows. Abs has built sets and props for films as well as presenting science shows on TV.

Alex Burnham

Alex worked in Motor Sport engineering for over 10 years from club racing to Formula One. Since leaving engineering he has been working as a historian utilising his background in engineering and research to specialise in the areas where science and history meet.



Abs has built the replica cars and Alex has researched the stories, together they have created this show to entertain the whole family regardless of prior interest or knowledge in Motor Racing




The Motor Aces project is run by The History Tellers

For more infomation visit the web page or watch this video


The History Tellers provide shows and interpretation based on stories from the past. Covering many subjects in lively and funny ways The History Tellers can bring Museum displays and Heritage events to life.

Please get in touch via our websites or the contacts page to discuss any events where you would like Motor Aces, the History Tellers or one of our team individually, or to see what else we can offer.