The Stories

Part of the the Motor Aces package is the telling of true, yet incredible, stories from motor racing history.

Each story is performed as a 20-30 minute show, almost like a little play.

We have written brand new scripts that tell of the incredible tales of Grand Prix legends. Each year we develop new tales and refine old ones to ensure that audiences are always getting the best Motor Aces performance possible.

The scripts are thoroughly researched and prepared but then performed in a relaxed, funny and casual style to make them enjoyable and accessible to watch.

Currently we are offering stories such as:


Coachwork to Carbon Fibre

From the earliest days of Edwardian 30 Litre monsters to the composite cars of today, the Motor Aces take the audience on a fun and lively quick fire journey through a hundred years of racing action and technology.

We use our replica cars, authentic racewear and interesting props in this unique show full of excitement, colour and pace.

"I've never seen such a good explanation of the formula in it's various stages through the years!!!!!!"

Retired FIA Series steward

Finish at all Costs

The farcical tale of one team's adventures in the 1902 Paris to Vienna road race. The British pairing fend off mechanical failure, treacherous roads and swarming insect attacks in their attempt to "win if they can, But Finish at all costs". The show features our 1902 Panhard et Lavassor replica and some impressive special effects.


Engines and Espionage

The incredible true tale of Bugatti works drivers who turned their hands to espionage against the enemy in WW2. Men who could race wheel to wheel around Monaco or stand shoulder to shoulder in occupied France. We use our replica Bugatti T35 to win at Monaco and escape from the Nazis in this epic wartime action meets high octane adventure story.


1976: Hunt V Lauda

The fast paced season of '76 is re-told by the Motor Aces with accurate copies of team wear, race car and hair styles! All the twists and turns of the exciting season when Brit James Hunt pips Austrian race supremo Niki Lauda to the championship by just one point. Our show is both entertaining and respectful to these two great racers and is centred around our full scale replica McLaren M23.


These stories are brought to life with original scripts and energetic performances by the Motor Aces team.

They are factual yet fun and aim to entertain and educate the public at events, no matter their age prior interest or knowledge.