The Cars

Motor Aces Have built a trio of replica race cars that represent important times in the history of Grand Prix racing

Being replicas means we are able to let the public get up close, and inside, cars which otherwise would be hidden behind barriers


1902 Panhard et Levassor 70hp


 One of the first true racing cars, the Panhards of early 20th century were dominant on road and track as motor sport began to grow in popularity. Our replica is based on the car that ran in 1902 wining in the Ardennes and competing in other gruelling events.


Bugatti Type 35

The Type 35 Bugatti is the most successful Grand Prix machine of all time with over 1000 wins to its credit. First built in 1924 it was the racing machine to have, recording wins at every major circuit of the time. Our replica is finished in traditional French racing blue.


McLaren M23

The McLaren M23 was first raced in 1973, it would win 16 F1 Grands Prix over 5 years. It would go on to take both Emerson Fittipaldi and James Hunt to drivers world championships. Our replica is based on Hunts 1976 championship winning machine number 11.

They may not be real, They are however fun and accessible giving Motor Aces a unique attraction for any event and great props for our entertaining shows