The Motor Aces Show

The Motor Aces show is perfect for any Car show, history event, science event, motor sport meeting or anywhere that might have an audience to entertain.

We perform lively and exciting shows throughout the day which are aimed both at the motor sport fan and the novice alike.

These shows are like mini plays, small performances that tell an amazing, yet true, tale. These shows have been researched and scripted by us, and are a unique way of telling the incredible true tales from Motor Sport's rich and varied history.

We aim to make everything accessible to everyone, from experts of all ages to the uninitiated!

Family friendly and fun!

The show also brings a lively atmosphere and spectacular colour to any event. Each performance is around 20 minutes to half an hour in length. Designed to be long enough to tell the tale but short enough to keep the audience engaged. The length also means we can fit our shows around any existing timetable.


Perfect off-track Motorsport action!

Throughout the day we open up our replica cars for kids to sit in. For most children this will be the only chance they ever get to sit in cars such as the Bugatti type 35 or McLaren M23 and even though ours are only replicas they retain the style and flavour of the priceless originals.


We draw good crowds and entertain the public at all manner of events.
We have performed to crowds numbering in the hundreds, and small groups of only a handful.
No matter the size of the crowd everyone is able to enjoy the stories and laugh at the jokes.
The shows need no prior expertise (or even much interest) in cars or racing, our spirited performance and well researched scripts ensure that all levels of interest and knowledge can get engaged and excited about the stories.

Contact us via the contact page to book us for your event or for more information